Virgin Orbit is a small satellite launch service. Along with its sister brand Virgin Galactic, the company is at the forefront of innovation in the private space industry.​
Animated logo ID.
New space hieroglyphics.
Brand values motion graphics and auditory composition using sounds found in space.
Identity collaterals.
Identity manual.
Environmental graphics.
Custom pattern wallpaper based on satellite orbit ground tracking.
Rocket livery design.
Cosmic Girl and LauncherOne launch sequence diorama. Edition of 150.
Event design and collaterals.
Virtual reality facility tour.
Virgin Orbit comic book release no. 1 - "The Chronicles of Virgin Orbit, Episode 1: Opening Space Access" - edition of 1000. Features special mirrored insert.

Brand Team:
Jonathan Lo: Creative direction, art direction, and design
Will Pomerantz: Copywriting and project management
Jordan Joseph: Event production and apparel design
Greg Robinson: Film and video
Heidi Rueff: Graphic design
Kendall Russell: Copywriting

Nina Masuda: Brand development and graphic design
Ji Won Lee: Brand environment designer
Doug Filiak: Motion graphics 
Joel Pickard: Sound design
Jing Zheng: Illustration
Adam Blish: Product design and virtual reality
Insight Out: Consumer goods design and consulting
Gigasavvy: Website design and development
Weather Projects: Architecture
XP4D: Digital imaging
Production: Spin Imaging, Allen Printing, Capital Printing Co., Marina Graphics, Rocksteady
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